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Anidan Ayuda a niños de África

Anidan España (Anidan Spain) is the first of these associations and the origin of the project being developed in Lamu. It was constituted in Madrid in 2002 and registered with the Ministry of Interior, qualifying as an organization for the public benefit, whereby the donations receive the corresponding tax benefits.

In Madrid, we are in charge of raising funds to finance the projects that Anidan Kenya, Anidan’s counterpart, implement in that country. We also coordinate the volunteers and aid workers who travel from Spain to Lamu.

Besides, we coordinate, together with the Pablo Horstmann Foundation, the smooth running of the Pediatric Hospital as well as the specific sanitary campaigns that visiting volunteer staff carry out.

Anidan Kenya (Anidan K)

Anidan Kenya (Anidan K) is a Kenyan NGO. It started its activity at the beginning of January 2006 as Anidan, Aid Children of Africa NGDO’s counterpart. It is in charge of the management administration and development of the project in Lamu, on the basis of a collaboration agreement signed by both of them.

Such agreement states that Anidan assigns Anidan K the use of the Shelter and Hospital buildings and also contributes the necessary funding to implement the project.

Anidan K is in charge of carrying out the projects in Lamu with funding from its counterparts in Spain and Italy, and from private donors.

It was constituted in accordance with Section 10 of the Non-Governmental Organization Coordination Act of the Republic of Kenya. It was registered at the Non-Governmental Board on 27th April 2005, number OP 218/051/2004/0340/3522.

Associazione di Volontariato Anidan Italia Onlus

Anidan Italia Onlus (Anidan Italy) is an independent, non-profit association, with the sole aim of providing social aid and development cooperation, and inspired by social justice principles.

It was constituted on 29 August 2011, in Rome, by Ugo Mattei and other Italian citizens. Its objective is to help Anidan K from Italy by financing the projects in Lamu, on the basis of the collaboration agreement they both signed.

We are part of an Association of people who believe, like you, that all of us together can change the lives of those in need and have decided to take action and make the world a supportive, fairer place to live in, always in peace.

We are convinced that by helping them, we can achieve great successes. We do not regard solidarity as a mere theoretical concept that may be difficult to experience every day, but rather as something natural and essential to our way of life.

Anidan United States (Anidan U.S.)

Unidan US is a non-profit association, constituted in New York City in 2013, in accordance with Section 402 of the Not-for-profit Corporation Law of New York State law.

It is directed by Carolena Deutsch García, Nancy Novogrod and Phillip A. Weissbrod. Their global mission is offering help to developing countries all over the world, and they now support Anidan K’s projects in Lamu, Kenya.