The shelter


The Shelter


We save orphans and abandoned children from the streets and poverty. We heal them, feed them, dress them, shelter them and give them an education. Apart from basic care, which allows them to recover from malnutrition and disease, we focus on education as a means to overcome their disadvantage.

We build a tolerant atmosphere where carers and sheltered children from different ethnic backgrounds with different beliefs and traditions, live together in peace, without distinction. Our Shelter is an example of fraternity among different peoples and ideologies – a sample of both the region and Kenya’s cultural wealth. This Shelter constitutes an incentive for all the tribes we assist.

We instill the values of friendship, cooperation and tolerance.We want them to overcome abuse, child labour and usual mistreatment linked to the dysfunctional families they belong to. Here they recover health, learn the importance of education and are offered for the first time in their lives a different future to marginalization and poverty to which they have been bound so far. We also endeavour for them to be happy.

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For years we worked in a rented house, known in the village as "Torre". Children were fed, looked after and helped to study in that house, until the number of children soared up to more than a hundred.

We stayed at "Torre" as long as it was possible, but we had felt right from the very beginning the need of owning dormitories, for many of the children went back to sleep to their huts and part of what was achieved during the day was lost. They went back to infections and parasites, mistreatment and abuse, all of which we fought against at the Shelter.

Since 2007, we have been building a new Shelter in the shamba, a plot of land next to the village. It holds three dormitories already: one for the little children, and the other two for boys and girls respectively. There are also premises for the kitchen, dining-room and offices, as well as venues for the kindergarten and the infant school, sports facilities and playground.

Half of our children, those abandoned and at highest risk, are living now in our Shelter while the rest spend the night with their families and the day at the shamba and the school. In the latter case, we try to improve the conditions of the huts.

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  • Become a member of ANIDAN and participate in the full attention offered to our children. Your contribution will support all the programmes we develop.
  • Sponsor a child. Provide food, health care, personalised attention, lodging (if necessary) and basic care for your sponsored child. You will receive a general report at the beginning and then one annually, as well as updated pictures so that you can follow the child’s evolution.
  • An occasional or periodic contribution of the amount you choose will be essential for the development, and even the survival, of the Shelter, the Hospital, the programmes to take in orphans or abandoned children and fight against extreme poverty.