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Pablo Horstmann Pediatric Hospital


With the help of Dr Ana Sendagorta and Pablo Horstmann Foundation, we have built a children’s hospital in the Shelter’s property which gives free assistance, including tests and medicines, to those children who cannot afford it.

During its four years of life it has been enlarged on several occasions, becoming a reference hospital in a district inhabited by 108,000 people, half of whom are children or underage.

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The hospital helps more than 14,000 patients a year at the premises and some thousands of people in the visits undertaken to the isolated villages which have no other medical assistance. Voluntary Spanish doctors and nurses stay temporarily with us assisting children and training Kenyan sanitary staff.

In the doctors’ visits to the villages, periodical campaigns are organized: vaccination, nutrition, disinfection and health education for adults. As well, special campaigns are accomplished with voluntary medical teams transferring from Spain. Hundreds of patients, both children and adults, have been assisted in different campaigns: gynecological, surgical, optic, dental and others. We have also provided assistance at bigger, more specialized hospitals as well as surgery in Spain for about twenty children in critical condition.

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  • Pablo Horstmann Children’s Hospital is run by Pablo Horstmann Foundation, which is in charge of medical assistance, including medicines. On the other hand, Anidan is responsible for the facilities’ maintenance (solar panels, batteries, water, electricity and buildings) together with cleaning and security. These are the needs which the fund will cover.