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With a monthly contribution of the amount you choose, become a member of Anidan and participate in the full attention offered to our children.

The members form the essential foundation of our existence and contribute to maintaining all the programmes.

We will send you information periodically regarding the development of the project. If you wish, you can also contribute your ideas and suggestions as to improving our work.

Members financially support the common expenses, help to support the Shelter and the participation of Anidan in the Hospital. They also support the basic organization, Anidan’s existence itself, and make everything possible. These funds also allow us to give assistance to the children who are not sponsored.


By sponsoring a child, you contribute not only to covering the common expenses, as the members do, but also to caring for a child in particular.

Sponsors guarantee health care, personalised attention, lodging (if necessary) and basic care for the sponsored child.

You will receive a general report at the beginning and then one annually, as well as updated pictures so that you can follow the child’s evolution.

Fund for education and grants

Nursery school fees are €25 per student per month.

Primary school costs €25 per student per month.

Secondary school tuition is €45 per student per month.

Vocational training costs €80 per student per month.

University tuition fees costs €165 per student per month.


The project offers €100 per woman initially. After a year, it can be renewed and expanded to €200. The amount received is divided into €500 packages awarded to groups of five women.

We plan to reach 100 groups, that is, 500 women, in 5 years, from 2010 to 2015.

Any contribution is indispensable and will be welcome.

First phase completed.

Help for the families

Regular contribution to each family rises to €30 a month. In most cases, we have hosted all their children or some of them. If there are any sick adults, additional help is offered and if it’s non-sponsored children that are sick, we provide them with health attention at our hospital.

Help from comanies.

Companies supporting Anidan stand out as collaborating companies and are able to benefit from the deductions under Law 49/1992 of the Tax Regulations for non-profit Entities. The contribution from companies can be made in two different ways: as a donation or by signing a collaboration agreement.

Donations: Any amount to face the expenses of the Shelter in Lamu or for one of the Aid Programs or Projects in need of financing. Please call us on 91 300 07 90 / 687 777 400 or send an email to Send a bank transfer to our account at Caja Madrid (Bankia): Asociación Anidan, Account No. I.B.A.N. ES21 2038 1701 95 60 00183309 and send us an email with your company details and CIF. We will send you a tax certificate.


Company Collaboration Agreement:, Anidan and the interested company can sign an agreement. In exchange for receiving an amount periodically in support of the Shelter in Lamu, Anidan will be obliged to make this participation known by means of its bulletins and promotional material. The amounts contributed will be considered as a deductible expense in determining the taxable income as established under Law 42/1992 mentioned above. The Company which signs the agreement will receive the Anidan logo as a Collaborating Company to be used in its advertising and publicity.


An occasional or periodic contribution of the amount you choose will be essential for the development, and even the survival, of the Shelter, the Hospital, the programmes to take in orphans or abandoned children and fight against extreme poverty.

With donations we make up the deficit and can also undertake new projects, build new premises or extend the existing ones.

We attend emergencies and can keep up with our daily tasks and further develop them.

With your donation you can contribute to the general fund or finance a project in particular.


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If you wish you can make a bank transfer to our account number:

Anidan Bank Account (Bankia):  ES40 2038 1933 72 6000250385  
For bank transfers made outside of Spain:
You can also donate us through PayPal: