Help for the community



What we do

We shelter children, which means a great help for their families and the social groups they belong to. They will go back to them once they have completed their education and training. However,

when the situation is desperate this is not enough.
We work in one of the most deprived areas in Kenya, where the situation is worsened due to the countryside’s poverty, the never ending drought and the nearby Somalian war together with its refugees.

Most families need emergency assistance.

Microcredit lending

Microcredit financing is aimed at women with personal initiative who live below poverty line in Lamu and its surroundings. We aim at women as this is the most vulnerable group after children. Also, this group produces the highest social return on investment.

Not only do we distribute and manage the microcredit lending, but also we train and advise women in their daily routines when they are setting up their little businesses.

These loans are assigned individually to responsible, organized women in groups of five. From being a burden for society, they become a driving force in their communities while they acquire independence and dignity.

Help for the families

This fund is intended for families in dire need, usually mothers or grandmothers who are disabled due to illness or other reasons, which dooms the whole family to poverty.

These people need emergency assistance. Any kind: food to survive their worst days, milk for undernourished children, improvements for their precarious dwellings, which are flooded with rain and are constantly invaded by insects and parasites; potable water and sewage for the village. To the extent possible, we try to provide them with humble but basic means which help them to survive. We assign €30 per month so as to meet their most basic needs.

The fund allocated to this scheme aims at offering emergency assistance, as far as our means allow. It is for those children or adults in extreme need, undernourished and very often sick that we keep receiving.

Manda Maweni Project

The Manda Maweni people, on the nearby village of Manda, make their living from the quarries in the area. It is an exhausting, brutalizing and very badly-paid job, which leads to poverty and, consequently, to child malnutrition. There is a small school with only one classroom and one teacher for all the children, who must study together no matter their age. Besides, prostitution of the lowest level has become a common practice and AIDS is everywhere. Young girls are at a high risk of being drawn into that world.

The aid we give the Manda Maweni people addresses these three main issues. We give children nutritional supplements, which had to be reinforced as it has become the main meal for all of them; we have hired a new teacher to share the work of the existing teacher; and we have taken in our Shelter those girls that were running a serious risk of being driven to prostitution and ending up suffering from AIDS in the near future.

Help Anidan

  • €50 per month guarantee a daily meal for a six-member family in extreme conditions.
  • €325 per month provide milk and nutritious pureed food for a forty-inhabitant village. Those people are mainly refugees from draught and starvation.
  • €100 allow the setting-up of a small business for a woman.
  • €500 finance the entrepreneurship of a volunteer group of five women.