We consider keeping children healthy, protected and happy is not enough. That is why we focus on their education as well. We provide education for all children.

The little ones, between 40 and 60 boys and girls, attend our kindergarten and infant school, between 130 and 150 attend different years in Primary at schools in Lamu. A growing number – more than 30 currently – study Secondary Education, most of them boarders, whereas about twenty students are enrolled in vocational training centres and University. However, only a few reach the latter.

All of those who are at the shamba receive academic support, which, together with their effort, enables them to be outstanding students – most of them are the first in their class - as well as to reach Secondary Education and beyond. This is remarkable, as due to their background they would otherwise be doomed to fail in the very first years of Primary Education.

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The funding is fulfilled through either individual grants for students or an Education Fund. Teaching is an essential part of our challenge but an expensive one. Even those pupils at Primary level, which is supposedly free, must pay for uniforms and books.

Each child is awarded a grant during their education. You can see below the average cost for each level, although every particular case may vary according to the school the pupil attends or, in the case of vocational training and higher education, the type of studies chosen.

Our employees’ training is essential for the progress of the Shelter, so it must also be taken into account.

Nursery school fees are €217 per child per year. Likewise, average cost of primary school rises to €25 per month and secondary school tuition is €45. Vocational training costs €80 per student per month and university tuition fees rise to €165.