Who we are


Anidan is an NGDO founded by Rafael Selas Colorado to care for the needs of young children in Kenya. On the island of Lamu, off the northern coast, he has a Shelter where he houses over 140 children but feeds, dresses, cares for and educates around 250.

Since March 2008, in collaboration with the Pablo Horstmann Foundation, he runs a pediatric hospital which sees more than 17,000 patients a year in the hospital premises and thousands more in extended sanitary campaigns.

After ten years, our main efforts are devoted to helping the most vulnerable, the children. Being an indigent child, abandoned or orphan, being exposed to mistreatment or any illnesses impossible to be cured in their own environment, is enough reason for being taken in by Anidan. The most threatened come directly to our dormitories.

Anidan also does fundraising for a population impoverished by the drought and conflicts which are the bane of this part of Africa.

our organization

A team led by Rafael Selas are in charge of the different programs of humanitarian aid.

Also under his leadership, groups of volunteers in Spain, Italy and other countries handle the monitoring, administration, diffusion, promotion and fundraising as well as keeping in touch with members, sponsors, donors and collaborating companies.

In Lamu, all the staff are Kenyans. They are youngsters who have a dignified employment with us and receive training. Their presence contributes to the development of a depressed area and enables fluid communication with the children and their families.

We vie for efficiency and transparency. Our size and methods make us transparent and the persons who visit us are our maximum verifiers.

our history

In 2002, Rafael, a 30-year-old Spaniard, went to Lamu with the idea of renting a house in order to care for some of the children who, during a previous visit, he had seen garbage picking or begging with obvious signs of malnutrition and abandonment. This personal initiative soon had to expand on more solid grounds since Africa is a demanding environment where desperate cases appear every day. With the help of family and friends, Rafael founded Anidan, a non-profit, non-political, non-religious organization which spreads word of the activities and collects funds which are sent to the local NGO, Anidan Kenya, in order to
carry out projects in that country. In October 2011 Anidan Italia was founded in Rome to support Anidan Kenya’s projects.