First Covid19 cases in Lamu

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Few days ago we knew that the first two cases of covid were detected in lamu, although fortunately they are under control. At Anidan we continue to use extreme security measures and both our children and our employees are healthy. Same for the children who live outside of samba who are regularly visited by social workers #togetherwearestronger

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Help for families in times of pandemic

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While the schools continue closed due to the lockdown decreed by # covid_19 Anidan continues giving out relief food one more month to the day scholar families. The schools not only guaranteed an education but also at least one daily meal. Also their precarious economies have been reduced by lockdown. Together we will move forward.

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Today we collected watermelons!

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Today we collected watermelons! The confinement and its consequent isolation have not prevented our garden from growing! The garden project started with the goal of being self-sufficient as much as possible with fruits and vegetables. As we save on food, little ones learn the value of effort and perseverance, and collecting the fruits and vegetables they [...]

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In loving memory of Mama Agnes

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Sometimes life gives us just that, a life. But not just any life, a life that enriches us, helps us to be better, to grow as humans. At Anidan we have had the immense luck to enjoy Mama Agnes' courage, dedication and love for years. Now we have to continue working so that what was his [...]

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