En los medios







Anidan’s project was born in 2002 in Lamu, Kenya, thanks to the driving force of his founder, Rafael Selas.

In a corner of the East African coast, in an area of endemic poverty and never ending drought, which suffers the devastating effects of Somali war, Rafael started up his project. With no resources other than his own, he took in orphan and abandoned children, also those who were sick, undernourished or victims of abuse or maltreatment.

Throughout this decade, his efforts have borne fruit thanks to Rafael himself, initially, the support of his family and friends later, and all the partners, sponsors and collaborators now.

Today, Anidan’s project in Lamu includes a Shelter which, not only feeds and attends the basic needs of 260 children, but also provides room for half of them in their dormitories; a pediatric Hospital that has attended more than 70,000 children becoming a reference in the area; and livelihood programmes for families in a desperate situation, and microcredit schemes for women with no resources.

The premises near Lamu consist of the pediatric Hospital, the three dormitories and the dining hall, the nursery and preschool centre, as well as a large space where the children, living in the Shelter or day attendants, share their time, study, play and do sport.

Regarding energy, we seek self sufficiency and sustainability by means of two solar panels and two windmills. We also try to grow our own vegetables and fish what the children need for a sufficient diet.